River Rafting is the most exciting and adventurous water sport. Usually, it’s done in White river which means the flow of river where the water gushes down the narrow stream, which makes the water to appear whitish and unstable which adds to the fun.

white water rafting dandeli

Rafting is so much fun! It actually teaches you the teamwork because one person just cannot manage oar the boat. Rafting gives you the thrilling experience as the boat curves and plunges through the rocky, narrow path of the river. It gives you awestruck feeling which no other water sport can offer.

Dandeli is the best place to enjoy the Rafting as there are many resorts which offer this adventurous activity. You can visit the desired resort and take up this or you could pre-book your tickets easily on website. You will be provided all the safety, guidance and equipments.

dandeli river rafting

If you are adventurous person then you should visit Dandeli and get the thrilling experience of River Rafting along with family and friends.




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