If you want to explore the beauty of Dandeli, then you should start with your planning. Proper planning is always the initial step of the best holiday trip experience. If you want to enjoy every single noteworthy activity of Dandeli, then you should start with the selection of comfortable and convenient accommodation. Shikra Jungle Resort can be the perfect choice for you.</p

Why Choose Shikra Jungle Resort?

Shikra Jungle Resort is one of the most popular jungle resorts in Dandeli. It is situated on the Western Ghats. This location is absolutely stunning and perfect for your stay. You can visit river view jungle resort karnataka quickly, because it is from the distance of 6km from the main Dandeli. This is the location where you will find adventure all around you. One side, there is a beautiful tributary of kali river, and on the other side, there is natural beauty of the astonishing forest. Additionally, you will get comfortable and luxury accommodation experience.

jungle resorts in Dandeli

Activities To Do At Shikra Jungle Resort: You can enjoy Dandeli jungle camp in Shikra Jungle Resort. Also, you can enjoy activities such as trekking and Rafting in the best locations.

  • Water rafting: If you enjoy water sports then you will definitely love white water rafting Dandeli. This is one of the most popular water sport activities at this resort. You can participate in it whenever you want and it will give you a completely different experience. There is nothing more enjoying than Dandeli water rafting in hot weather. However, this activity is similarly enjoying in cold weather as well.
  • Camping: If you like to stay close to nature and explore the secrets of Mother Nature closely then this is the perfect place for you. You can enjoy Dandeli camping and experience the actual adventure of nature exploration without any limitation.
  • Safari: Well, if you like adventure then Dandeli safari is a mandatory thing to do for you. This is something that will give you a completely unique adventure and excitement. Safari will allow you to uncover the hidden features of nature that you have never seen before.

No matter whether you prefer Dandeli river rafting or any other activity, if you stay in Dandeli then there your holiday mood will definitely remain the best. There is no doubt that you will enjoy your holiday whole heartedly if you choose Dandeli as your holiday destination.


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