If you have decided to choose Dandeli as your next destination for adventure travels, then the next question to ponder is how to choose best resort in Dandeli? Obviously, being a tourist place, it is having a plenty of resorts there but getting the one that suits your preference is the trickiest thing around. Got befuddled? No worries just follow the tips below to get the lucrative deal you have been aiming for:


  1. Check Out The Location

The first thing to grab a great deal is the proximity to tourist destinations. If the resort lies close to the area that allows easy access to nearby tourist places, then the deal couldn’t be better than this.

  1. Amenities That They Offers

Do they have spacious rooms to make your stay comfortable? Do they offer local and international cuisine both on their food menu? Do they have courteous staff that’s willing to help you out with anything that you require during the stay? Do they have TVs installed in the rooms for recreation purposes? A resort that’s willing to help out customers anytime is obviously a great deal. Just make sure that it offers excellent amenities to make your stay at the resort stand out.

  1. Positive Testimonials

You can’t just book any resort that shows up on the internet. You need to prefer those resorts in Dandeli that have positive reviews received by customers. It would help you out filter the best one from the various others.


Acting on these things will help you out in how to choose best resort in Dandeli. After all, you might be aiming for the best just like every traveler does. To make it happen, you need to research a bit on the internet about the level of hospitality, proximity to tourist sites, quality of cuisine and positive reviews that a potential resort has. Pick the best that meets your preferences and you will have the best time there.


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