Few things to watch out before you head to resorts in Dandeli, Just take out time to do the research yourself make use of internet go online check the website of the resorts you wish to visit, see what services they are providing compare the prices with the other resorts in the same area.

Check out the packages other resorts are offering for the tariffs you select, you don’t want to pay extra when same package is available at much less price. When you plan to spend holidays in resorts better check out the facilities that you are going to be getting there. You might be planning the visit with your family, so it’s important to look out for the facilities they are providing for example, the cottages for staying and the food they provide and what charges are they applying for the same.

dandeli jungle resort

The most important thing, what all activities they cover under the package watch out for what water sports and other activities are involved in the package you are paying for. Try to compare the packages with other resorts you might get the same in less price with more facilities.

Check out the reviews and ratings of the resort to get know the other customers opinions about the resort.

Whenever you are visiting any of the resorts make sure to be safe, most of the resorts are full of water sports activities and it could be dangerous if you don’t take safety precautions seriously. Go there enjoy your day with family and friend and be safe.


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