Finding it hard to locate a perfect homestay while your time in Dandeli? There are a plenty of good options such as Shikrajungleresort best homestay in Dandeli among various others. You just need to pick the best. However, never ever take your decision solely based on cheap pricing because cheap options are not always the best. It doesn’t worth to complain about leaky bathrooms, bad food and poor service later.


Here are a few quick tips to keep in consideration while making a decision to choose a homestay in Dandeli:

  1. Plan Your Trip Advance

Planning your trip to Dandeli in advance minimizes the chances of last-minute rushes and frustration that comes along with it. In the peak season, you may miss out reservations if you don’t act on time; this is why planning in advance always help out.

  1. Invest In A Reliable Resort

You may ask for references in your friend circle for the resort that’s really worth your stay. Alternatively, you may also check for resort reviews on their websites, social media channels and third-party websites. Get an insight into their customer service and upkeep and make your choice accordingly.

Words of Caveat

Never fall prey to cheap homestays which are good for nothing. The resorts tagged with cheap pricing often deliver poor customer service. Struggling with poor amenities at the resort will ruin your mood. Most customers end up staying at cheap resorts which miserably lack basic amenities and end up ruining their Dandeli adventure experience.


Never settle for less but with the best and don’t take decision focusing on cheap prices only. Service levels and comfort are also a major concern, so keep them in your notes when on the hunt for a homestay in Dandeli. No matter if you consider Shikrajungleresort best homestay in Dandeli or anyone else, keep these tips in mind to make the most out of your time in Dandeli.


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